A Poem: COVID-19 in the West

A good friend of mine, Zirrar, recently wrote a free verse poem on the Western (in particular, Europe) responce to COVID-19. Aside from the great linguistics, it highlights the hypocrisy of the media and the weakness of leaders who placed themselves on pedestals higher than the rest of humanity. Each verse is linked to a certain article which it took inspiration from, which I suggest you also read.

In comparison, the Caliphate responded to plagues in the sixth and fourteenth century with saving lives as the top priority. Entering or exiting infected lands were prohibited, and doctors payed their due. With an economic system built upon the sale of physical goods instead of frail services and natural resources being for the shared population instead of a set of businesses, lands were self-sustainable.

Islam’s economic policy isn’t dependant upon the importing of necessary food and goods from other states like how countries rely on China today (sorry Trump, but half your furniture was probably made in “Chinese Virus Land”). This allowed them to effectively block off and isolate areas while the rest of the state worked on finding a solution to their plagues.

Anyways, I promised you a poem so here it is:

The singing has stopped, the veil must fall.

I’m sorry Europe, no swan song, no final call.

Exposed, weak, and beaten. Where is your Darwinism now?

Bear the fruit, dissect the dead, reap profit, and plough.

Your precious Democracy is sick - contaminate?

You must be tripping, it’s time to self-amputate.

First sacrificed is the old priest, then comes the slave.

Remove their respirator - yes - even in weakness you are brave?

Sweat shops on our shores?

The homeless and forgetten, asleep on our Vegas floors?

No longer can the dead hide.

Where are our mass graves filled with demise?

“We are not at war”; F16s, cruise missiles, and surgical strikes?

Is this truly no less than a show of your might?

Somalia, Syria and Iraq, Yemen, is this list ever gonna stop?

Afghanistan, bro, the whole block!

A tabular list of others' crimes, this to do so well.

Self-analyse? Nah, just “heavy distance”, don’t ponder too long, don’t dwell.

Even in your kindness you paint us red.

Blood soaked and veiled, it is our humanity you dread.

Go checkout the rest of his works at https://zirrar.com.

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