About Me

Hey there,

My name is Diab Neiroukh and I’m a student at the Univeristy of Aberdeen studying Computing Science and Physics. I have experience with C#, Python, and Java and have contributed to multiple open-source projects including Nextcloud and WireGuard. I aim to work on Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMIs) in the future, utilising Quantum Computers to efficiently build individualised models mapping brain acitvity.

As well as the above, I’m quite interested in optimising my systems which has lead me to dabble in various areas: maintaining custom Linux kernels for my devices, testing cutting-edge compilation tools such as LLVM Mainline and mold, contributing to forks of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and tuning various flavours of Linux distros.

You might be wondering why I’m so obsessed with the skin of a lemon (or a lime, I don’t judge). Well, I am the founder of Zest Projects Ltd. - a company I set up (registration pending) to host my most prominent projects [with more to come soon]. Keep an eye on that space.