Dündar Bey and Mustafa Atatürk

I’ve been watching Kuruluş Osman and, while I have negative sentiments about some of it, it has been a great series in portraying the “spirit” of archaic Muslim soldiers whom put their lives on the line to fight for justice, loyalty, and protecting their people.

It also emphaises Islamic values such as Tawakkul (trust in the creator) and patience, and teaches how the lack of these can lead to disastrous consequences. One example is the phrase “when Muslims scatter, heathens rise” by Sheikh Edebali. This quote is inspired from the events of the Battle of Uhud where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) posted a troop of archers upon a certain hill in order to provide cover against an outflanking manoeuvre by the enemy cavalry. However, these archers abandoned their posts promptly after they saw the enemy begin to flee in order to keep their share of the battle loot. As a result, enemy cavalry veered round to attack the Muslim forces from the rear turning the tide of the battle from a possible win to a draw. The Prophet (PBUH) himself was severely injured too.

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. During episode thirteen of Kuruluş Osman, a certain betrayl occurs. Osman’s uncle Dündar sides with the Mongols (a ravage enemy of the Turks) in fear of his camp and life, and places their flag up next to the Kayı Tribe flag. He begins to incorporate Mongolian culture into the tribe and replaces certain “traditions” to match that of the Mongols.

This took me back - ironically - to the events of 1924, when the Ottoman Caliphate was demolished. A key player in this was Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, a member of the Turkish National Movement and the founder of modern-day Turkey. Atatürk supported the Allies (and in specific, Britain) in the desolation of the Ottoman Calpihate (yes, the same “Ottomans” that descended from the empire Osman founded). He stated it was a “piece of impertinence” and called for Turkey to be a Republic. He replaced the Arabic script with Latin, and banned the wearing of the hijab (feeling similarities to Dündar’s “tradition replacements” yet?).

I’ve taken my chance at a little art of my own exemplifying the situation:

An edit of Dündar Bey holding a Mongol flag to Atatürk holding a British flag

History truly does repeat itself, but we do not always learn our lesson. The Turkish, in general, hold Atatürk in such high regards - forgetting that his actions lead to deaths of thousands of Muslims and left us without a leader. We have no one to seek protection from. We have been scattered across the world and thousands of our brothers and sisters are being tortured and killed daily (just take a look at the Rhonigya people, Palestine, and the Uyghurs). It is as Edebali said, the heathens have risen.

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